Her First Time, Virgin Erotica *NEW RELEASE*


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Hello Fellow lovers of the Kink!

My newest erotic tale has hit the virtual shelves!

Her First Time

Her First Time

Is now LIVE in the following stores!


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Stella is top of her class, a nerd, a mathlete.  She is all set to go off to college in the fall… a virgin.  She has never been interested in boys, but men are a different story.

At her 18th birthday party she finds herself flirting with John, her dad’s best friend!

“… I’ve never been with a boy… or a man.”  She whispered the last part slowly, then bit her lower lip as she looked into John’s eyes.

John gets over his guilt and agrees to deflower his best friend’s daughter.  As Stella prepares for her first time, she worries – will he fit?

*This 4,500 word short story (18 paper pages) contains erotic situations, explicit, smoking hot sex, and a first time sexual experience you won’t soon forget!

Check out my other titles on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B009N2EQ0G

Too Tired for Sex? 16 Reasons to Get it Up


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Hello fellow Lovers of the Kink!

My apologies for my long absence. Mea Culpa.

A few months back, I published a new Erotic Tale.  It is a saucy story about banging the ex… Check out “Ex Sex is the Best Sex” on Amazon or Barnes&Noble.


So… you’re a busy person.  You’ve got a demanding job, maybe demanding professors, maybe demanding kids.  You’re tired.  I get it.  In all of this, don’t forget that you have demands too. Well, desires at least.

Apparently, there exists 16 totally scientific and legit reasons to get your sex on every day.  As if we needed the science to tell us it’s a good idea…

We live in a busy world.  That isn’t going to change.  Take a trip back to your center, come back to your core, reignite the lust of spring (now that it’s summer!).  Ignite the flame with your partner (or your neighbor, or your ex, or your boss — I’m not here to judge).

Get your groove back.

16 Reasons to Have Daily Sex 

16 reasons

My personal fave: #5 Makes you look younger. 

Hmm… so if I bump up the nookie time, I save money of facials.  So, more sex equals saving money.  So, more sex equals early retirement.

Seems legit.

And hey, to my peeps without a sex buddy.  Fear not, seems that most of these apply to flying solo as well.  So get your daily dose of… yourself.  Now double click that mouse and get off to work.


The Bitch is Back, Xo

What Sex Toy Should I Buy? Two winners and a dud.


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Hello lovers of the kink!

I’ve bought quite a few sex toys over the years, and many have been quite pleasurable, while others have been downright disappointing.  I believe that the popularity of online reviews has helped me select better toys, but I also find online reviews suspect.  I mean, how hard is it to hire someone to write a crapton of positive reviews for the products you sell, right?

The following are two of my faves and one dud.  These are not affiliate links, and I am not making a dime if you buy these products – so as with life and the bedroom: do what you want! 

Sixteen Function Super Rabbit Vibrator


YES.  Yes, this fine little machine really gets the job done.  So, we’ve got penetration, at about the right size (maybe a hair small in fact), we’ve got the “pleasure balls” that twist around on the shaft (tickles just right), and my favorite of all, we’ve got some serious clit stimulation.  In fact, the rabbit ears do a nice job of covering the whole clit (although, in my experience sometimes a “butterfly” shape is slightly more effective, as the wings give that whole wrap-around experience).  My only complaint is the if you want to penetrate in and out — you lose the rabbit-ear clit vibrations… so, my advice is to just keep it in place and ride it with gusto!

I recommend any vibe that has similar features to this one as well — all of us should have a “rabbit” to call our very own.  A staple item for any goody drawer, closet, or sex room (and go you, if you’ve got an entire room devoted to your sexcapades)!

Intimates Personal Pleasurizer G-Spot Vibrator


NO.  What a sad disappointment this supposed G-Spot vibrator turned out to be.  This made a guest appearance out of the box a grand total of one time!  I may give the little guy one more shot… but his longevity for my goody box (no drawer or closet for me!) is not looking good.

The shape of this product does not actually lend itself to finding and stimulating the g-spot.  Although, every bajingo is different!  Really, the most disappointing part was the feel of the material and the stiffness… I was expecting (or hoping for) a more jelly like feel, something soft (yet just the right amount of hard).  The feel of this material was all wrong.  Basically, this is a misshapen vibrator.

The Original Venus Butterfly


YES.  The best part of this toy is that it is the perfect fit for some serious couples fun!!  It straps right around the thighs, so it stay in place AND allows for open access to both holes!  It is also an excellent choice for you if you need a bit more clit stimulation to cum.  Love doggie style, but can’t come because of the lack of clit stimulation?  This toy is your solution!  Love Anal, but want a bit more action in the front section?  This toy is for you!  Flying solo?  Now you’re hooked up for hands free fun.

What’s your favorite toy?  Go ahead and slap that ass… and then go ahead and slap an honest review (avec link) below.

Happy Vibrating! Xo

How to Give A Great Blow Job


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Ahh, the ever elusive excellent BJ.  Welcome to Good Head 101.


I don’t claim to be an expert, however, I do claim to give great head.  Excellent in fact.  Please feel free to share support, opinions, and/or dissenting views in the comments section…

Without further adieu…

First, ladies and gentleman: Enjoy it.  That might be the number one thing.  Sucking cock is not a chore, it is hot.  There is power in sucking a good cock.

Moving on…

Once le coq (that’s “the rooster” in French, their national animal – no wonder so many people are Francophiles!) is free — swipe your hand lightly down it twice to remove any stray pubes.  Gross I know, but necessary.  Now, back to the sexy talk…

Get down on your knees or on all fours:

1. Take just the tip of the cock in your mouth.  Swirl your tongue around the top.  At this point, start thinking about really salivating, so you can really lube up the shaft.

2. After a few seconds of sucking/tonguing just the tip, take a little more cock into your mouth.  That’s right, get into it a little bit.  Enjoy yourself!!

3. Withdraw the cock, back to just the tip.  At this point, about half the shaft should be getting nice and lubed up from your hot mouth.

Bonus: Throw a moan or two in — the man will like the vibration.

Bonus II: Go ahead and massage the balls a little bit, if he’s into it.  Hell, some men even like a little ball-tug, but that should probably be discussed first.

4. Work your way down the shaft, allowing more and more cock deep into your throat.  Focus on making sure the shaft is getting slick with saliva.  Worried about gag reflex?  Just relax into it.  If you gag a little bit, he won’t mind, keep at it, you’ll get better with practice!

Now here comes the real magic…

5. After a few minutes of bobbing up and down on the shaft, and it is nice and wet… invite Jack to the party.  Pull your mouth back, just for a second, and slide your hand down over the head and down to the base of the shaft.  Jack, as in jack off – obviously.  The key to a great BJ is the ability to utilize your mouth and hand simultaneously.

6. As you jack the shaft with your hand, make sure your grip is secure, and that your hand is lubed up with saliva to slide easily.  As soon as your hand is working its magic, get your mouth back over that tip.

7. At this point, you can get into a rhythm with the jacking up and down, with the mouth bobbing up and down.  Your mouth can fit nearly right up to your hand, and fully jack/suck up and down, get as much of that fat cock in your mouth as possible, while still being able to jack the base. Put some passion into it, keep the saliva flowing… it won’t be long before that hard cock is busting a nut right into your mouth.

Implement these 7 steps above & you’ll be a *BJ Queen*

BJ Queen BJ Post

Bonus: Swallowing is optional.  Personally, unless I’m in love or the guy is really really hot, or a baseball player, I’m a spitter.

Side note: teeth placement.  Basically, keep them off the cock!  I’ve heard of a “lip wrap around,” but personally, I like a full lip suck-a-licous action, so I am just careful to keep my mouth open wide enough so teeth placement is not an issue. 

Happy Sucking!!

Rebel Annie, Xo

Yuletide Cheer

Happy Christmas!

Season’s Greetings!

Happy Chrismukkah if that better suits your needs!


Not to out myself as a person who enjoys television on Fox Primetime (let’s be real, I am not above the WB and I also partake in ABCFamily marathons), but today I remember Seth Cohen and his invention of Chrismukkah, referring to the merging of the holidays of Christmas and Hanukkah.  I honor this holiday as I unwrap gifts that were once under a plastic tree and then go enjoy Chinese takeout with those who celebrate today as a secular holiday of the masses.

This holiday season grab a spouse, partner, fling, mailman, poolboy, an ex, a soon-to-be-ex, or a not-so-loved one, and enjoy some carnal pleasures – because life it too short to not get laid.


Rebel Annie, xoxo

As my gift to you, please enjoy a one-handed orgasm, on me.  ;)

Bound & Spanked FREE on Smashwords!! 


Kickstart your Kink


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Welcome Kindred Spirits of the Kink!

I’m Rebel Annie, and I write Erotica, short titilating sex stories, really.  You’re welcome to check out my titles (I’ll list them around here somewhere…), but beyond that, you’re welcome to come hang out and celebrate your kink.

Let’s talk about sex.  But for real, that deep carnal pleasure that touches our core (among other things).  The secret (or not so secret) cravings…

So, to kick off this kink, I want to tell you what this website is, and what it is not…

It is a safe space where you can share your fantasies… You like it rough? Great!  Love Anal? Even better! Flip me, toss me, turn me, more your style? You’re welcome here!  I invite you to come share your kinks openly here.

It is not a place to be disrespectful to others.  It is not a place to judge.  Also, I’m down for your kinks, generally — but on a serious note: I do not support rape, under-age, pedophilia, bestiality, or anything else that is otherwise illegal.

Now that the logistics are out of the way… let’s open up the dialogue… so, what are your kinks? Click “Leave a Comment” and share with me your darkest desires & dirty deeds! Cheers! ;)

Rebel Annie, xoxo

Bent Over the Boss’ Desk – Rebel Annie’s BEST SELLER!


Janie is a sexy paralegal at the firm. Justin is the managing partner. When Janie helps clinch the win in a big trial with her exceptional research skills, the boss has a reward for her. After lusting after her boss for years, Janie finally gets the bonus she desires – as well as a hot spanking!

Bent Over the Boss’ Desk – on Amazon!

Bent Over the Boss’ Desk – on Barnes & Noble!

Spank me harder, sir…

Rebel Xo


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